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Thursday, May 05, 2016

old radiohead merch

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

haven't posted in a millennium, but am endlessly listening to this disk for months. finally received a vinyl copy of rodrigo amarante's incredible cavalo. in case you need some light, pick it up or listen here: https://soundcloud.com/rodrigoamarante/sets/cavalo-lbum-completo

não tenho postado há um milênio, mas estou escutando este disco por meses. finalmente recebi uma cópia vinil do incrivel cavalo de rodrigo amarante. caso precisar um pouco de luz, pegue ele, ou ouça aqui: https://soundcloud.com/rodrigoamarante/sets/cavalo-lbum-completo

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

after watching "the soloist"

i was kind of reluctant to watch this film as i was suspicious that it was a simple, heart-tugging film, but i found it to be grittily honest. furthermore it reminded me that life is fleeting, and we need to take advantage (in a positive way), learning, understanding, feeling. today's world is so full of distractions, be they digital or otherwise. it reminded me of a field interview that i performed in Brazil, which resulted as follows:

"- ...I believe, truthfully, I don’t know if you believe, but I believe that the Apocalypse is already the end of the times. It’s biblical.

But isn’t that the definition of the word? [laughs]
- I believe in the end of times. I believe that God exists and is arriving because there’s no repairing. Whatever repair… principally Brazil and the whole world, because it’s destroyed. Only God. Only someone very powerful, because men here on earth…

Would you say that you don’t think that humans can get themselves out of this situation?
- No. They can’t anymore.

Why not?
- Humans have no energy for this. No, sir. It’s over. It’s over. In my mind, I only believe in God. Invented planes, invented everything, now I want to see if they [humans] can conquer the violence in the world. No man has appeared to do so. So much sickness, violence, and they haven’t been able to do it. When a man has the knowledge of God. I believe and I trust."

after i turned the tape off, i turned to this woman, who had been generous enough to give me her time, sit with me in her home with her daughter to discuss goals for the future. i told her that i didn't believe in this, that humans are beyond the help of anything but God. this is why i search, this is why i learn, because i believe that the solution is within us. all of us. not some of us. for me, this doesn't write God, or whatever you may believe out of the equation, we are all part of the same thing.

in the tone of the last post, i feel like we need to be creating things, moving toward better understanding of others, as i feel that this, learning from others, appreciating others, family, friends, acquaintances; this is key in life. i feel like most of the time we're tempted to preach, tempted to urge others on in the way that we feel is best suited to them. life's too short to dictate passions, needs, etc (ironically, now i am being preachy here).

i find it humorous that many these days are so open, so frank with their lives to an audience unknown here on the web, and at the same time, are relatively invisible to their families, their friends. not to de-valorize the need to be connected online, but i think life's about disconnecting from the web, taking a walk, taking time for tea or coffee with a friend, sitting down with your wife, your girlfriend, your significant other to truly connect. i think that's about it for now.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

need to create something

i desperately need to create something. lots of updates, long time passed, approximately a whole year since the last post. what this generally means is that i have been successful in re-tooling my professional direction. more to come later.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

visual media

upon seeing a few things recently, i was provoked in the following ways:

after watching one episode of "mad men", which is apparently super-popular these days, i was disgusted. not that it's not interesting and catchy in a soap-opera way. my beef is that it's some wet-dream of the power that some men had in the past, the subjugation of women, the "magic" of marketing, having plenty of drinks with the good ol' boys, living the "dream". i care not that it may be engaging, what i take more issue with is that under all these difficult economic times, we yearn for the same system that we've been residing upon, the obsession and fetishism of marketing and commoditization. more so, after watching the movie below, makes me wonder, as my brother steve asked today, why would people produce this pap when they could be focusing on much more interesting issues.

after seeing "war, inc." by mr john cusack, i was really amazed in the beginning when looking at all the exaggerated ways that today's industrial military complex was depicted. it seemed completely surreal to me, until mid-way through the film, i believe when the tank delivers dry-cleaned shirts, and a soldier hopped up on dehydrated coffee is shooting his gun as if he were playing some game. from this point on, i saw that the exaggerations were simply extensions of what is already going on, how the United States has privatized industries to reap the "opportunities" that are created from the destruction of war, like halliburton and kellogg brown and root (whose logo seems to be ripped off as "tamerlane" in the film). the discrepancy of the "stable green zone" and the highly destroyed fringe areas, the inexperienced, eager contract soldiers, and many other features definitely reminded me of Iraq. even the fake country of "turaqistan" is a merge between Iraq and Afghanistan.

ahh.. that's about all i can handle for now.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas!

hope everyone's having fantastic holidays and that the bleak travel infrastructure here in seattle as well as throughout the north of the US is not inhibiting people to visit with their families and friends. that's the best part of the holiday.


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

snow, snow everywhere

well, my wife's finally back and i'm very happy!! finally ready for the season, i truly enjoy the thanksgiving/christmas/holidays portion of the year, really believe that it is the time where we appreciate those who really matter to us. despite the road conditions, i hope it continues to snow in seattle, it is beautiful, makes everything so serene and slightly fantastical.

while riding the bus to the airport to meet her, many people were on their ways to the airport as well, but the buses were terribly late today and made me ruminate on those heading home for the holidays. i hope that everyone's able to get to their families without many hitches, as although this part of the year sometimes is the more relaxed part, it's a big rush often and stressful as we enjoy so few holidays here in the US.

i hope that all those heading home for the holidays, or driving in such weather, reach their destinations not only safely but have a wonderful holiday full of cheer and love.


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